Do You Want to Become a Deputy Voter Registrar?

Bureaucracies can be a challenge if you don't have the necessary information to understand how things work - here is information you need about the process of becoming a Deputy Voter Registrar and doing Voter Registration in Cook County.

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners handles voter registration activities for the City of Chicago only. The Cook County Clerk's Offices handle voter registration activities for suburban Cook County only. The Board of Elections offers their Deputy Registrar Training Courses on a weekly basis. The County Clerk's Office gives their Deputy Registrar Training by special appointment only.

The offices for the Chicago Board of Elections is at 69 West Washington in Chicago. The Cook County Clerk also has offices at 69 West Washington, and at several other locations around Suburban Cook County.

When a Deputy Registrar does voter registration, there is paperwork that has to be filled out -- these forms and audits have to be turned in to the Sponsoring Agency or at The Board's or Clerk's Offices in person. The Chicago forms go to the Board of Elections, Suburban Cook County forms go to any of the County Clerk's offices.

Sign Up for Training With Your Local Political Party or Civic Organization as the Sponsoring Agency

To sign up to be a Deputy Registrar, you must work through a Sponsoring Agency, such as a political party or civic organization. Only your Sponsor can sign you up to take training. Individuals are not permitted to sign up on their own. Because all paperwork must be submitted in person, it is helpful to get sponsorship from an organization close to your home so that you can turn in your paperwork at their local office.

When you choose a Sponsor, you make a commitment to them to be accountable for turning in all your registration forms and audits -you must turn in your paperwork to your Sponsor or at The Board's or Clerk's Office in person yourself. Your best choice is to contact your local Political Party Office or a local Civic Organization and ask them to Sponsor you. (For example: call your local Party Headquarters, Ward Office, Alderman, Councilman, or a civic group like Chicagoans Against War and Injustice, or Rainbow/PUSH)

When and Where Do I Go for Training?

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners gives training courses in its office at 69 West Washington St., Chicago, Illinois. The classrooms are on the eighth floor. The course takes about two hours:

Scheduled training sessions are:
August 14 - 9:30 am - Saturday
August 18 - 6:00 pm - Wednesday
August 24 - 3:00 pm - Tuesday
August 28 - 9:30 am - Saturday
September 2 - 6:00 pm - Thursday
September 8 - 10:00 am - Wednesday
September 9 - 6:00 pm - Thursday
September 11 - 9:30 pm - Saturday
September 15 - 6:00 pm - Wednesday
September 18 - 9:30 pm - Saturday
September 21 - 10:00 am - Tuesday
September 23 - 6:00 pm - Thursday

The training course offered by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners covers the voter registration format for the City of Chicago, and when you have completed your training you will be certified as a Deputy Voter Registrar for the City of Chicago.

After you take the training and have been certified as a Deputy Registrar for the City of Chicago, you can then gain certification and credentials as a Deputy Registrar for Suburban Cook County. You can request these credentials by going to the Cook County Clerk's office on the fifth floor at 69 West Washington, Chicago - be sure to take along your Chicago Deputy Registrars credentials (your Purple Card). Or call Carol Harwell at 312-603-0992 for information and make arrangements in advance. You must have your Purple Card with you when you go to the fifth floor office of the Cook County Clerk.

You Can Sign Up Here to Take a Deputy Registrar Training Course.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has graciously offered to act as the Sponsoring Agency for individuals who want to take a Deputy Voter Registrar Training Course offered by the Chicago Board of Elections. To sign up, send an email with your name, address where you live, phone number (no pagers), and indicate the date of the training session you wish to attend, send to Megan Koenig at: You must be a registered voter to enroll. Participants must sign up at least five working days in advance to ensure enrollment. The training is given at the Board of Elections offices at 69 West Washington, Chicago. The classrooms are on the eighth floor. The course takes about 2 hours. You will be contacted by the AFSC for verification.

If you choose to become a Deputy Registrar under the sponsorship of the American Friends Service Committee, you will be responsible for personally turning in all your completed forms and audits to the Chicago Board of Elections or Cook County Clerk's offices. Or you can go to the AFSC office at 637 South Dearborn.

Voter Registration Forms - What's the Difference?

Each of the two agencies have their own different forms and paperwork. Although they are basically the same, there are some differences. The main differences between the voter registration format used for the City of Chicago, and the format used in Suburban Cook County are :

  • Suburban Cook County requires the Deputy Registrar to write down their Registrar ID # on the voter registration form - the City of Chicago does not.
  • The City of Chicago format uses the 'Pink Form' (276A) in conjunction with the registration form, specifying the identification used, etc. - this is not the case with the Suburban Cook County voter registration form.
  • The Audit Report format for City of Chicago voter registration is different from that of Suburban Cook County.

The last day to register to vote in Illinois is October 5, 2004.

General Contact Information:

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners
69 W. Washington St.
6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

The Cook County Clerk's Office
69 W. Washington St.
5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

For information about voter registration activities in other locations in Illinois, you can find a contact on the Local Election Authorty List.

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