Problem: At the last election, only 51 percent of voting-age citizens in Illinois showed up at the polls. Want to do something about this dismal statistic?

Solution: Join the Chicagoland for Kerry Volunteer Voter Registration effort!

Chicagoland for Kerry
Voter Registration Activities

We are going to various street fairs and events this summer as well as universities and colleges in the fall in an attempt to register as many eligible voters as possible. With the motor voter registration forms, you do not have to be a registrar deputy to register voters. Filling out these forms is very quick and easy.

Join Our Group -- Contact Info

Interested in joining our group? You can contact Cara Hendrickson for more information.

Yahoo Group

You can also join our Yahoo Group, vrkerrychicago, to check out our upcoming calendar of events.

We think you'll find that this is an easy and fun way to meet fellow Kerry volunteers, enjoy some of Chicago's street fairs and public events, and promote democracy!

Deputy Registrar Training

Bureaucracies can be a challenge to deal with if you don't have the necessary information to understand how things work - here is the information you need to know about the process of becoming a Deputy Voter Registrar and doing Voter Registration in Cook County.

Learn more about Deputy Registrar Training

Need to Register to Vote?

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Online Voter Registration Page


Call Battleground States
from Illinois!

-- Buffalo Grove --
Mon-Thu, 6pm-9pm
Sat, 11am-6pm
Sun, 2pm-6pm
1275 Barclay Blvd
400 lines -- largest phonebank in the nation!
Contact: ILVolunteers

- Chicago/Lasalle St. -
Mon-Thu, 6pm-9pm
Sat, 10am-2pm
Sun, 4pm-7pm
30 North LaSalle, Suite 2300 (Myron Cherry Law Offices)
Contact: ILVolunteers

- Chicago/Kerry Office -
Mon-Thu, 5pm-9pm
Sat, 11am-?
Sun, 12pm-?
: 57 W. Grand, 3rd Fl.
4 phone lines. Donate your cellphone minutes.
Contact: mike

-- DPOE (Evanston) --
Wed, 7pm-9pm.
Place: 826 Custer St.
Call Volunteers in Illinois.
Donate your cellphone minutes.
Contact scott

i4k Trips to
Battleground States
Click on 'sign up!'
for more info

Sat. 10/23 WI -- sign up!
Sat. 10/23 OH -- sign up!
Sun. 10/24 IA -- sign up!

Sat. 10/30 OH -- sign up!
Sun. 10/31 IA -- sign up!

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