Outreach Committee Needs Volunteers

Do you want to elect john Kerry and John Edwards and send Bush and Cheney packing? Do you want to save our constitution and get our country back?

We need more volunteers to join the those who are already working hear at home in the Chicago area and/or making trips to battleground states. We have developed relationships between our grassroots movement and the official Kerry-Edwards campaigns in Toledo, Ohio; Kalamazoo, Michigan and Beloit, Wisconsin. These are all crucial areas in heavily contested battleground states. We must win them for Kerry-Edwards.

We are planning and making canvassing trips to these cities working with the local campaign. We have done and are continuing to do phone banking from Chicago to voters in these areas at the request of the local staffs. With more volunteers we can do more.

The Outreach Committee also is working to get different communities here at home more involved in this campaign. We have subcommittees devoted to African-American and Hispanic-American outreach. We are also proud of our Veterans for Kerry subcommittee.

Join the Outreach Volunteers

If you are looking at this Web site you probably already agree with us that this is one of the most significant elections in the history of the United States. Join us now and get where the action is. Make a difference in this campaign.


Please cut and paste the following questions into an e-mail, type your responses and send the to the Outreach Committee at outreach@chicagolandforkerry.com .

Yes! I want to volunteer for outreach.
Name: _____________________
E-mail: _____________________
Telephone: _________________
Particular area of interest and skills:

(Volunteers will be automatically added to the Outreach Email list so they can receive and post messages related to outreach activities.)

Call Battleground States
from Illinois!

-- Buffalo Grove --
Mon-Thu, 6pm-9pm
Sat, 11am-6pm
Sun, 2pm-6pm
1275 Barclay Blvd
400 lines -- largest phonebank in the nation!
Contact: ILVolunteers

- Chicago/Lasalle St. -
Mon-Thu, 6pm-9pm
Sat, 10am-2pm
Sun, 4pm-7pm
30 North LaSalle, Suite 2300 (Myron Cherry Law Offices)
Contact: ILVolunteers

- Chicago/Kerry Office -
Mon-Thu, 5pm-9pm
Sat, 11am-?
Sun, 12pm-?
: 57 W. Grand, 3rd Fl.
4 phone lines. Donate your cellphone minutes.
Contact: mike

-- DPOE (Evanston) --
Wed, 7pm-9pm.
Place: 826 Custer St.
Call Volunteers in Illinois.
Donate your cellphone minutes.
Contact scott

i4k Trips to
Battleground States
Click on 'sign up!'
for more info

Sat. 10/23 WI -- sign up!
Sat. 10/23 OH -- sign up!
Sun. 10/24 IA -- sign up!

Sat. 10/30 OH -- sign up!
Sun. 10/31 IA -- sign up!

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