Anti-Terrorism Talking Points for Project Blue Fence 2004


Support a new initiative to prevent the world's deadliest weapons from falling into the world's most dangerous hands. They have a plan to secure vulnerable bomb-making materials, prevent the production of new materials for nuclear weapons, and work to end nuclear weapons programs in hostile states like North Korea and Iran.

Will restore the credibility of our intelligence community, strengthen accountability and leadership by creating a true Director of National Intelligence, maximize coordination and integration of resources and information, and transform our intelligence services to deal with today's threats.

Support crack down on nations or banks that fail to act against money laundering by strengthening our anti-money laundering laws and imposing tough financial sanctions against violators.

Will work with our allies and the international community to stabilize and secure Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure that these newly freed nations and other weak states around the world do not become havens for terrorists.

Will work to win the war of ideas and the future of a young generation with a strategy to break down economic and cultural isolation in Arab and Muslim countries and support local efforts to promote democracy, trade, tolerance, and respect for human rights. The strategy includes a major initiative in public diplomacy and an international effort to improve education.

Support restoration of funding for the local law enforcement and the COPS program cut by Bush administration and give them alerts from a National Intelligence Director.

Will hire and equip the Nation's Firefighters, fight to protect overtime pay for First Responders and fund emergency preparedness equipment.

Support creation of a Homeland Security Corps, creation of Orange Alert Fund to reimburse communities for some of the additional costs incurred by responding to a higher threat level and support following expert recommendations for Port and Airport security changes

Support immediate action to prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons and securing what is known to be circulating already.


The terror alert system devised by the Department of Homeland Security has always been set at yellow or higher. It has never been lowered below its original level indicating no visible progress in making the nation safer nor diminishing the threat of a terror strike.

Afghanistan's post-war government is unstable and insecure.

The cost of the Iraq war is now approaching $200 billion, driven by substantially higher-than-expected costs in period following end of "major combat operations." Original occupation administrator General Jay Garner was replaced in March 2003, reportedly for supporting that Iraqi Army be retained. L. Paul Bremer replace Garner and dissolved Iraqi Army, a decision tied to current Iraqi instability.

Pre-emptive strikes against non-hostile and predominantly Muslim nations serve as recruiting tools for fundamentalist Muslim terror groups. An unpopular and unilaterally fought war creates more negative international opinion which inspires more would-be terrorists.

In the federal budget, Bush prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy over spending money on strengthening international Port of entry security.

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