Seniors Talking Points for Project Blue Fence 2004


John Kerry will never balance the budget by making cuts in Medicare or raiding the Social Security trust fund to pay for Tax Cuts.

Rural and Urban Medicare have different policies. Kerry will make sure that seniors get quality care no matter where they live.

Prescription drugs are rising at almost 20 percent. Kerry’s Plan includes making prescriptions more affordable including safe-importing drugs from Canada.

For an affordable drug benefit run by Medicare that doesn’t force seniors into HMOs or private insurance companies who can charge seniors whatever they want.

Assure Quality Nursing Homes Care with adequate inspections, reimbursements, and more training for health care workers.

Allow Medicaid to pay for more alternative care outside of nursing homes to allow more Americans to age in their own homes.

100,000 Older Americans in Service - For 10 hours of service a week, members will earn up to $2,000 a year tax free for an education grant for a grandchild or other family member.


The Bush administration has imposed the largest Medicare premium in the history of the program and deductibles are up by $120 or 17%.Cost of living adjustments in Social Security are being eaten up by the increase in Medicare costs and drug prices outpace inflation. Senior bankruptcies are up by 213 percent .

George W. Bush's privatization plan would drain $2 trillion from Social Security.The Bush prescription drug plan blocks the re-importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and will actually increase the cost of drugs for seniors. More than 3.8 million seniors could actually lose prescription drug coverage under this bill when it goes into effect.

And it is a $139 billion windfall for the drug industry.

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