Environment Talking Points for Project Blue Fence 2004


Original Co-sponsor of Clean Power Act of 2003, which would cut emissions of mercury, carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Voted for the Edwards amendment to delay the Bush administration's desire to allow aging factories and power plants to make changes that increase pollution without the requirement to install modern pollution-cutting technology.

Repeatedly advocated increased enforcement of Clean Water laws and for strengthening the Safe Drinking Water Act. Voted to prevent Bush administration from returning to standard that would have allowed increased arsenic in drinking water.

Co-sponsored legislation that would restore Clean Water Act protection for wetlands.

Co-sponsored legislation that would take the burden off the taxpayer and reinstate taxes and fines which would hold polluting companies responsible.

Consistently voted against Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

Introduced legislation to address global climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Supported Kyoto treaty.

Voted against reduced funding for renewable energy program. Advocates increasing renewable energy sources and developing greater efficiency and safety for traditional fossil fuel and nuclear sources.

Voted repeatedly to block oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Co-sponsored bill to protect a portion of the refuge as a wilderness.

Voted to cut subsidies for logging in National Forests. Advocates science-driven, community-based forest management. Believes in protecting remote old growth forests an road-free areas.

Supports increase in National Parks operating budget over next 5 years by $600 million to be used for recovery and restoration.


Seek to allow coal-fired power plants to release three times more mercury than allowed by current Clean Air Act.

Weakened the law requiring power plants and factories to install modern pollution control technology.

Approved creation of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

Backed away from Kyoto treaty instituted to reduce international greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.

Reversed campaign promise to cut emission of carbon dioxide.

Proposed cutting energy efficiency research and development by 27% overall.

Pushed repeatedly to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Outsourced National Park Service jobs to for-profit contractors. Reduced Land and Water Conservation Fund which enables National Park Service to acquire new land in order to protect and enhance existing Park facilities.