The 7 Step Program

Step 1:
Subscribe to kerryChicago Yahoo Group

(shortcut: send a message to
or -
Subscribe to North Suburban Yahoo Group
(shortcut: send a message to )

Step 2:
go to a Kerry MeetUp

Step 3:
participate in one of our Events

Step 4:
attend the Kerry Social at Frankie Z's ( 435 N. Clark St., Chicago)
or the Salon Kerry at Firehouse Grill (750 Chicago Ave, Evanston)
-- both on Thurs. 7pm-9pm

Step 5:
Read This

Step 6:
volunteer for work at the Official Kerry Office

Step 7:
find out what's happening in the rest of the country from the
Online Action Headquarters

With YOUR Help
We ARE Going to Win!

i4k Trips to
Battleground States
Click on 'sign up!'
for more info:
Fri. 10/29 OH -- sign up!

Sat. 10/30 WI -- sign up!
Sat. 10/30 IA -- sign up!

Sun. 10/31 WI -- sign up!
Sun. 10/31 IA -- sign up!

Tue. 11/02 WI -- sign up!
Tue. 11/02 IA -- sign up!

Call Battleground States
from Illinois!

-- Buffalo Grove --
Sun (10/31), 2pm-6pm
Mon (11/2), 6pm-9pm
Place: 1275 Barclay Blvd
400 lines -- largest phonebank in the nation!
Contact: ILVolunteers

- Chicago/Kerry Office -
Sun (10/31), 9am-9pm
Mon (11/1), 9am-9pm
Tue (11/2) , 7am-8pm
: 57 W. Grand, 3rd Fl.
4 phone lines. Donate your cellphone minutes.
Contact: mike


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